Mandy and Alysa and the international language of fuck

I was in Florida shooting a scene with Jay Sin and this beautiful Russian girl named Alysa came over. I had never heard of her, because I'm kind of ignorant about porn. Well I had never heard of her but I was utterly captivated by her personality and she was sexy as hell. She had never met a TS before and I think I was something of a curiosity to her. I wanted her so bad, so bad that I had to shoot the very next day. By the time the cameras were rolling I was ready to completely abandon myself to the international language of Fuck! Alysa was absolutely incredible. She's kind of famous for the things she can do with her body, and that was truly magnificent to experience. I mean it could have been the most bland sex and I would have been thrilled because she is so hot and has a hot accent, but the sex was mind blowing. I can't even begin to explain how depraved this gets...